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January 9, 2012 / beanlogicblog

Share your WAMICODE data with your network

Normally we need to share our data (personal or work) with our network of contacts.
If we have our data in a WAMICODE code, we can use the tools to share it.

As an example:

1. Login in with your user ID and password, and you will obtain a screen like this:

2. Click  the target Social network in which you want to share your data (red Arrow)

If the Social Network Icons donot included your network clik on the Swish Flag and you will obtain more options

3. By example, if we click on Twitter the following twitter screen appears (if you are not logged, if logged go to 4)

requesting your data to log in twitter. Introduce your twitter userida dn passwork and click on Start Session

4. When you log in, a new screen appears with a default tweet.

5. Giving the opportunity to  update your tweet

5. If you send, your friends and your  network members will receive a tweet like this:

6. if they open, or click,  they will share you data in their contact o mail book:

In a PC they can see the following screnn (in a Smart Phone, the screen is adapted to the screen size.

7. Really, its is great! and an easy way to share your contact data. Use it in your Social networks and mantain your friends and contact informed about any change in your data


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